Our company having its headquarters in Turkey is company dealing with imports and exports. Our main scope of activity are the turbochargers and diesel fuel systems, sensors, starter and charging motors and spare parts of MAN and IVECO brand trucks.

Our company sells only brand new and original spare parts within such scopes. Our sensitivity regarding such issue has never changed.

Accuracy, honesty and sincerity are our values having utmost priority in our entire business processes and in our relationships with our clients. We act in line with such principles in all our business relationships.

We execute all our domestic and foreign affairs and transactions within the frame of the codes of T.R and international law and make no concessions to such issue.

Being client oriented we work with an understanding which responds to our customers’ demands within the shortest time and in the most accurate manner. We render our services timely and in the promised manner and approach our clients within the rules of respect, honour, justice, equality and kindness.

We have adopted the principle of keeping up with improving technology and benefit there from in the maximum way. Our studies in such scope shall ever continue. We have never abstained from innovation and have always been eager thereto.

While we wish to increase our market share and find new markets, we just struggle for it in legal framework and ethical rules and refrain from unfair competition.

Maintaining our relationships with our clients from which we were mutually content up to day and even taking such relationships further is just one from among our main targets.

Our vision is to be permanent by creating differentiation. Our mission is to acquire a competitive and sustainable growth potential.